Are You Selling Your Home During the Holidays?

Well, not entirely ideal. There are things you can do to help sell your home during the holidays anytime someone is willing to make the effort to venture out to personally view your home often during inclement weather makes it worthwhile going the extra mile to ensure their opinion is as favorable as possible.

So, here are some tips to ensure a successful sale during this festive time of year.

Sidewalks, Stairs and Driveways:  You want to have clear obstructed access to your home, so always shovel any snow accumulation and throw down some salt for safety to prevent any slips and falls.

Turn on the Lights:  Goes without saying the days are shorter and darker earlier turn on your lights and open up those windows let in as much natural light in as possible.

Keep it Cozy : Make sure your home is warm and welcoming. If you have a gas fireplace turn it on before leaving for any showings and leave out a plate of cookies and some festive napkins on the kitchen counter, have soft music playing

Use your Sense: Not scents don’t over fragrance you’re home with Christmas smells like pine and cinnamon and intense spice, candles and essential oils. This tends to overwhelm anyone stepping inside your home. A great tip is bake some cookies the day of your viewing.

Remove the Animals: It really is best if the pets aren’t in the home during showings. It goes without saying that Odins chew toys, water, and food bowls, bedding, and kennel should be out of sight as well. And let’s not forget the kitties and their personal items.

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