Estate Home Clearing

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If you are the Executor, your responsibility is to liquidate the Estate assets including the home of the deceased. The sale of the Estate home cannot proceed until all the contents have been cleared out of the house. But it is not the job of the Executor to dig in and do this clearing themselves

Cut the Clutter and our team are experienced and efficient at clearing out Estate Homes of all its contents, furniture, and possessions, all in a timely manner.

It’s not an easy task. There is a lot of work in clearing a home of its furniture and contents, and this work will not be reimbursed to the Executor or his team …and why work laboriously for weeks or months for free?

There may be emotions tied to many of the possessions in the home, and this slows down and seriously complicates the sorting phase prior to clearing all contents from the home, especially if the Executor involves other family members to help them.

We progress through the sorting of possessions and furniture from a practical and logical viewpoint … what can be sold effectively, what can be good-willed or recycled, and finally what must simply be cleared out.

Then we manage the sale of any significant valuable items for the Executor, and follow through with conducting the process of clearing out all the remaining contents and possessions.

Estate Paperwork And Important Documents

Another cost of cleaning out an estate is sorting and locating important paperwork. Documents like deeds, wills, titles to vehicles, insurance policies, birth certificates, and more all have to find their way to the executor of the estate. Items like utility bills, mortgages, credit card bills, are also important for the executor, and many unneeded documents contain private information and will need to be shredded, adding another cost.

Computer hard drives and computers that are no longer in use, can be safely disposed of by a shredding service

The now empty home can either be sold as is, or the Executor may decide to “stage” the home with some furniture and décor, as well as touch up painting and such, to provide a house that is more easily sold.

Why Do Executors and Powers of Attorney (poa) Need Our Help?

We at Cut the Clutter take care of the whole process for you and the Estate. We will bring the team to sort and clear out your home in a timely fashion, and remove this huge headache from your undertakings. We take on the worries, the logistics, the sorting, and the responsibility.

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