How Much Should You Charge to Clean Your Vacation Rentals?

Cleaning a vacation rental takes more time than a private residence does.

With that in mind, the prices of cleaning service charges change drastically depending on the location, condition, and size of your home, as well as the demand.

Communicating with several cleaning services to determine the average fee is a good place to start. You can then add on a little extra to cushion any unexpected costs.

Should You Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Vacation House?

Cleaning a vacation rental home takes a lot of time, focus, and energy to make sure it gets done the right way.

Because of this, you may opt for hiring a cleaning service. You can do so simply by googling “cleaning services near me”

These housekeepers are trained to do the job quickly and thoroughly.

This will ultimately save you time and money and gives you peace of mind that your house is ready for guests.

Why you should hire a cleaning service:

  1. Trained, speedy professionals.
  2. You don’t have to take time out of your day or off work to clean.
  3. Less stress after already managing the guest’s stay.
  4. Extra time to focus on other parts of the presentation of the home.
  5. Avoid the commute to the home if the destination is far.
What Kind of Impact Does the Cleanliness of Your Vacation Houses Really Make on Your Rental Business?

A MASSIVE IMPACT! It’s the #1 complaint people get when seeing their rental for the first time. You must elevate your cleanliness standards to the pickiest of guests. You must assume you are cleaning for the clean-freak guest. That means hiring quality and timely cleaners.

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