Hoarding Clean Up

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People who hoard are often unaware of the impact it’s having on their life. They might recognize that their hoarding is out of control but don’t know what to do about it. Compulsive hoarding is hard to understand for the person who has the compulsion and for loved ones trying to help them stop. will give you some insight into what hoarding looks like, why it’s so hard to get control over, and how you can stop the cycle with the help from Cut the Clutter.

Hoarding occurs when someone becomes fixated on keeping everything, and they refuse to throw things away even if there’s no space for them. It starts out innocently, just buying a few new things because there was a sale. The person may pride themselves on being a savvy shopper, able to get the best deals on everything. Sometimes, people will even go into debt with credit cards to buy things because they may need them someday.

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