Moving/Relocation Services

On the move?

Good planning is essential for the success of any project – especially so when it comes to big, complicated endeavors, such as moving. So, when you need to move, we will certainly plan your relocation with utmost care and attention – consider all the relevant factors, make all the necessary preparations, and organize everything in great detail.

Deciding what to move… or not

The best way to declutter before moving is to assess the true value of your possessions – both practical and sentimental – and get rid of anything you don’t really need or love. Your move will be easier and your new life will be happier without all the clutter. Creating a floor plan mock up for your new home.

Professional Packing Services

If you’ve requested packing services (or have opted for a full-service move), our packers will begin packing your items. We will pre-order plastic totes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and other packing and wrapping materials. Then, we will split into different rooms– one person will work in your kitchen while another starts packing the bedrooms, etc. We will use proven packing techniques to ensure optimal protection to your items and optimize the space in the moving boxes – your belongings will be packed as safely and efficiently as possible. And will label the boxes and create a PDF document for your records.

Hiring professional packers & unpackers may be your best bet when preparing for a residential move – especially if you’re short on time and have plenty of fragile, oddly-shaped, heavy, sensitive, or highly valuable items to pack for shipment. Cut the Clutter will not only be a huge convenience, but will also help ensure your peace of mind as your goods will have the best possible protection from damage during the transportation. Cut the Clutter team will use quality packing materials to wrap and box your items as appropriate, will complete the laborious task with great speed and efficiency and will ensure the maximum safety of your cherished possessions during transit. What’s more, the movers will accept the liability if any of your professionally packed items get broken, damaged or lost while in their custody.

Senior Services

Custom home management systems can help eliminate the stress and anxiety brought on by an upgrade or the moving process.Cut the Clutter provides turnkey services like packing, unpacking, space planning, downsizing, change of address, and more. Its team of certified professionals will make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible, creating a personalized moving package tailored to your needs. Using space planning software, your designated moving specialist will give you a preview of how all of your items will be arranged for your approval, helping you feel at home in your new place.Cut the Clutter offers free on-site consultations to go over your specific needs. Whether you need to downsize, declutter, or move to a retirement community or long-term care facility, you will get a personalized moving plan.

We go beyond moving to unpack for you, arrange your furniture and possessions to suit, and make up your beds. We remove the packing materials for you.

As senior move specialists, we help seniors and their families with worry-free downsizing and relocating. Often families cannot help due to distance or busy schedules. That is where Cut the Clutter really makes a difference. By providing the necessary support and assistance to make the entire process go smoothly,Cut the Clutter gives seniors and their families peace of mind.

Our extensive list of services is designed to make your lives easier.

Moving Pods

Pod moving companies tend to be more flexible than traditional moving companies and will almost certainly be able to deliver a portable moving container to your place within a few hours. Once we’ve loaded the container, the pod movers will also be able to transport it to your new location right away – and even if they’re not, your items will stay safely stored in the pod until they can be delivered to your new home.

Packing for Busy People

Packing can be a stressful process, which is often worse than the
move itself. Everyone is different, and while some people are
comfortable to take charge and pack everything on their own, we
understand that others may need some extra help packing and
preparing for the big move.We will always come for a free quote.
Our quote includes all the supplies needed to pack your
belongings and the number of professional packers we need in
order to finish the packing. We guarantee our packing quotes so
you can easily plan a budget. No hidden fees, travel cost or

How to make your moving day less stressful?

You’ve been anxiously anticipating it for quite some time, and now here it is..Moving day is crucial to the successful ending of your relocation story. It is a time when things could get messy unless you’re adequately prepared for its surprises.Cut the Clutter will oversee every detail of your move. We will direct the movers where to place your possessions at its rightful place.You will feel less anxious and will be able to quickly resume your normal daily routine once your new place is fully set-up..

Congratulations on completing your move!

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