Virtual Organizing Services: Get The Clutter Out And Fast!

How Virtual Organizing Works!

Virtual organizing allows you to work one-on-one with a professional organizer that helps get your space decluttered and looking clean. The only difference is that it is done over the phone or video chat.

What we do is hop on a quick video call where we discuss your organizing goals, do a virtual tour of the space that needs organizing, and schedule the perfect day and time for your organizing projects.

On the chosen date, we direct you step by step on what to do, show you the right productivity tools to use, and let you do the physical work. It is a therapeutic and satisfying process. Our skills, expertise, and knowledge will also be available via email support.

Are you looking for a virtual organizing expert to show you the ropes of organizing your space like a pro? Or maybe you’re stuck with clutter in your space and don’t know where and how to start. We are ready to walk you through organizing your space step by step.

We at Cut the Clutter Professional Organizers help you with the home organization with the help of zoom video call to make the best out of your home.

Why Do You Need A Virtual Organizing Session?

Not everyone has the proper organizing skills, and that is totally fine. Some tasks are just better left for the professional organizer. However, finding professional organizers to do the job can be daunting. Where do you find one, they may not be in your area in Canada.

Virtual organizing is for people who are long-distance clients and those who have narrow timeframes for organizing appointments. A professional organizer from Cut The Clutter will set up online sessions with you to get your home or office organized virtually at your own pace.

Virtual organizing is also for people who need and want to learn basic home organizing techniques or those who learn best with instructions and feel they can do the physical organizing on their own (we like to call them DIYers).

Virtual organizing services also eliminate the security or privacy concerns of having a stranger in your home. Our virtual organizing sessions are shorter than physical and can last around one hour, depending on the size of your home and the level of organization required.

Virtual organizing also leaves you with new skills and new habits to help you keep your space constantly organized without feeling overwhelmed. Think of it as a virtual coaching session on organizing. In the first session, we show you what to do and how to do it. You will already know the proper steps from the next session.

Why You Should Get Professional Organizing Services At Cut The Clutter

Aside from being a cut above every other home organizer in Canada, below are some reasons to work with us today!

1. Years of valid experience

We have been in business since 1995, helping homeowners and business people within and outside Langley, BC, Canada, to maintain an organized environment through coaching and personal organization strategies.

2. A massive portfolio of satisfied clients

We have provided our virtual organizing service to countless homes and families in Canada over the years and have been referred by our customers for our excellent work. We hope to make you one of our satisfied clients. Let us organize your space for you today!

3. Budget-friendly

One of the benefits of virtual organizing sessions is that they cost less than physical sessions. However, we have increased our affordability to make it less financially straining for you. Hop on a call with us today to find out our virtual organizing rates per hour for your space.

4. A straightforward and time-sensitive approach

We cut to the chase and do it quickly based on your schedule. We know that you pay for every hour we spend and ensure that we don’t take any extra time.

5. Customer satisfaction is our watchword

Our clients love us for being non-judgmental and empathetic. We understand how challenging it is to maintain a clutter-free home, especially with family members. We ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is decluttered and organized superbly, giving you peace of mind.


1. What is virtual organizing

Virtual organizing is a one-on-one home organizing process with an expert organizer who offers guidance and direction on how to organize your home through a phone or video chat.

2. What are your rates for virtual organizing

Our rates are kept at $130 per hour to make it easy for everyone to enjoy a clutter-free home

3. What qualifies you as a professional organizer?

Home organizing skills take years of practice to develop. It entails helping people to create an effective and efficient approach to spatial organization and downsizing.


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After you’re all moved in and also the house is clean and organized, make an effort to maintain it that way. Instead of walking by the messy places or mess in your living room, tidy them up as you go.

A new habit of keeping your home clean, clean as well as healthy and balanced additionally might keep your life more organized too.

Call us to get a totally free, no-obligation quote online, and see how Cut the Clutter Professional Organizers can help make your following relocation very easy and anxiety-free.

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